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Danai Beach Resort organizes two boat trips for its guests. If you choose the first one, you will explore the western coast of Sithonia; on the other hand, if you take the big sailing boat that departs from Panagia bay, you will get as far as Mount Athos to see some of its historical monasteries. Upon your return to the eastern coast of Sithonia, you will swim in beautiful, emerald waters.


To Neos Marmaras

The speed boat departs from the coast of Danai Beach Resort and sails very close to the beaches of Nikiti, Ai Giannis, Kastro, Kalogria, Elia. Then, it goes as far as Paradeisos Beach and the settlement of Neos Marmaras.

The captain will show you from a distance the islet of Kelyfos. As you will notice, it looks like a turtle! Seagulls usually come to its eastern side to nest and on its rocky soil, pines and olive trees grow. A handful of rabbits are… the isletʼs only inhabitants.

One of the most interesting parts of this route waits for you next: it is a sandy tongue of land, Diaporti, sometimes covered by water and others not, approaching the small island called Punta or Gerochristou. It used to be a glebe of Pantokratoros monastery. There is a private villa built on it. Punta is the biggest islet of Spalathronisia, a cluster of rocky islets.


To Athos and Diaporos

Our cruise starts from the small harbor of Ormos Panagias. Our big sailing boat will take you off the coast of Mount Athos and then to the islands and bays on the east side of Sithonia. Our captain will do the tour.

The monasteries of Athos are a unique attraction of Chalkidiki. From our sailing boat you will admire the monasteries of Xenofontos, Saint Panteleimonos , Xiropotamou, Simonos Petras, Saint Grigorian, Saint Dionysos, Saint Paul.

Then, you will return to the east side of Sithonia and explore the area of Vourvourou.

Then, you will get past the peninsula called Mega Teichos (the Great Wall) and Frantitsi skerry. In front of you, you will see a cluster of small islets located opposite Vourvourou. The biggest one is Diaporos, which has pine trees, rocks sculpted by wind, sandy beaches for swimming, and beautiful houses with private coves. On the north side, there isKryftos bay, which was a pirate refuge. At its opening, there is the Paleochristianic basilica of Aghios Andreas, dating from the 5th century.

On the northeastern side of Diaporos, you will see the skerry of Aghios Isidoros.

One of the most beautiful beaches of this side of Sithonia is called Kavourotrypes. There you can have a swim and enjoy the unique rocky landscape and crystal clear waters.

If you feel hungry or thirsty during the tour there is a “Danai to Go” pic-nic basket with refreshments, mineral water, healthy & tasty snacks, sandwiches, fruit salads and fine wine.

In the afternoon, our captain will prepare for you a delicious meal with salad, Greek nibbles and ouzo.

* We also organize day trips with our helicopter to Athos, Meteora- Ioannina, Dion, Vergina (see also the Exceptional Experiences section).

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