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Shopping at Danai

Danai in Fashion: At Danai, fashion is celebrated and offered in wide range at our “Danai in Fashion” on site- boutique featuring men`s, women and children’s wear. Selected clothing of different materials and exquisite designs by renowned national and international labels are available along with matching accessories for oneself or as a surprise gift. Apart from fashionable casual and evening wear, our Boutique offers a far-reaching line of swim and beach wear, footwear, handbags, hats and jewelry. The shopping experience will be accompanied by an expert shop assistant with the talent and know how to find each customer’s perfect match.

Mini Market: Our mini Market product selection includes goods required in every- day life such as toiletries, sunscreen, female products and more. Additionally we offer tobacco, International press and books as well as childrens´s toys. Aiming to help find a perfect take home gift we offer a fine collection of distinguished components dominated by organic, regional products. We selected a broad range of soaps, herbs, locally harvested extra virgin olive oil and paste, locally produced honey products, note books and Multilanguage reading material. We are especially proud to recommend our very own creations as a souvenir from the stay with us such as our “Danai Music Collection” CD and our gift box “Death by Chocolate”, ideal for chocolate connoisseurs. Lastly, a large number of rare wines is available for purchase right from our cellar.


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Wine cellar

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Danai SPA

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