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Library & Billiard Room

A niche for the “bon viveur”!
Within our classy library space one may treat himself to a game of American billiard/ pool accompanied by a leisurely smoke of a Cuban cigar with matching cognac, both from our wide ranging selection.
Furthermore a large collection of multilingual books, magazines, CDs and DvDs are available for choosing  


Wine cellar

Built deep into the side of the mountain, equipped with rustic, antique furnishings and naturally cooled temperatures within give our wine cellar...


Shopping at Danai

Danai in Fashion: At Danai, fashion is celebrated and offered in wide range at our “Danai in Fashion” on site- boutique featuring men`s, women...


The Philosophy Seaside Bar

Halkidiki prides itself on being the birthplace of the great Aristotle. In our Seaside Bar we do justice to this heritage by philosophizing...