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The name

The name “Danai” originates from the ancient Greek mythology. Danae was the daughter and only child of Arcisius, king of Argos. One day, the king consulted the oracle of Delphi for fortune telling. The oracle revealed that he would one day be murdered by his grandson. In order to prevent his only daughter from conceiving, Arcisius imprisoned her in an underground chamber, disabling her  from any contact with males.
Zeus, the king of Gods, was enchanted by Danae. Eager to see her, he transformed himself into golden rain, enabling him to visit her inside the bronze prison. Once the lovers were united, Danae conceived a son who was later given the name Perseus. Arcisios feeling deceived by his daughter and threatened by his grandson, cast her and Perseus into the sea locked inside a wooden chest. The brother of Zeus, Poseidon who is empowered to control the oceans, calmed the waves and safely delivered the chest to the island of Serifos. The King of the island, Polydektes felt attracted by the mysterious Danae.
Offended by her rejection he soon announced to be wed to another and demanded Perseus to deliver him the head of the mythical creature “Medusa” as a wedding gift. Medusa, a female Gorgon, with snakes instead of hair, had the power to turn any human into stone who met her stare. Perseus received help by the gods who disagreed with Polydektes evil revenge seeking. Athena equipped him with a mirrored shield, Hermes with winged sandals, Hephaestus with a magic sac and lastly Hades with an invisibility helmet. Those gifts enabled Perseus to slay the creature and return unharmed. In  Serifos, he learnt that Polydektes had forced Danae into marriage during his absence. Perseus took the head of the creature which he carried and turned the king and his followers into stone using Medusa’s deadly stare.
After the liberation of his mother, he sought out his grandfather Arcisius. During the athletic games which were held to honor to the king, he participated in the discipline of throwing the discus. Unintentionally, the discus when thrown by Perseus struck the head of Arcisius and caused his death. The prophecy was therefore fulfilled.


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