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At Danai we believe that a good day inevitably starts with a leisurely breakfast. Ours is therefore served on our sunny Andromeda terrace, shaded by 200 year old pine trees and overlooking the sea. Alternatively we offer delivery to one’s private Suite or Villa patio, a guarantee for privacy combined with the delicious taste of our freshly baked and prepared delicacies.
Apart from hot and cold beverages our service offer includes a large variety of freshly squeezed, healthy and refreshing juices, or smoothies. The most delicious wide-ranging buffet is designed to serve all tastes and preferences from savory to sweet featuring even exquisite Greek breakfast components prepared according the traditional recipes. In addition, we offer an extensive menu of cooked dishes to choose from, as well as the option of simply assemble one’s favorite ingredients as an off-menu composition. Despite our breakfast offering a great variety of flavors, we frequently feature food-related specials including live barbeques, delicious health specials, or seductive sweet treats.
We are convinced that a Sunday well spent brings a week to content. And there is no more pleasurable way of starting into a Sunday than an extended breakfast brunch accompanied by live classical music.



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