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Wine cellar

Built deep into the side of the mountain, equipped with rustic, antique furnishings and naturally cooled temperatures within give our wine cellar its unique mystical, old-world ambience. Within, we pride ourselves to have gathered a true treasure: an astonishing number of minimum 1700 etiquettes of finest wines carefully collected over decades. Our cellar, located in the very heart of our Resort is therefore one of the best provided cellars in the country of Greece.
The bottles originate from old and new ages, local and oversea regions featuring some of the finest labels of Reds, Whites and Rosés. Further our delicate wine list contains 20 of the most exquisite champagnes such as the top collectable Heidsieck Monopole 1907 “Goût Américain”.
Within the mystic, medieval- accented interior we regularly offer tours and wine tastings performed by our competent Sommeliers, demonstrating greatest expertise on the field. A wine- tasting does not only invite to seizing the opportunity of tasting most exclusive wines, but furthermore take you on a voyage through the history, origins and production processes. The experience is topped by delicacies matching the selected wines as well as atmospheric candle light.
Additionally we also enable a truly unique dinner by offering our private dining experience in this very extraordinary location. Excellent cuisine and impeccable service paired with the mystic atmosphere inside the rock cellar is guaranteed to become an extraordinary evening and one of a kind dinner.
Our Sommeliers are at one’s disposal throughout dinner and lunch, proposing the perfect match to each meal. Bottles are available for purchase.


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