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The Philosophy Seaside Bar

Halkidiki prides itself on being the birthplace of the great Aristotle. In our Seaside Bar we do justice to this heritage by philosophizing ourselves!
Overlooking the white beach, turquoise waters, and watching stunning sunsets in deep blue skies over Sithonia, inspiration and creativity are effortlessly unleashed.
Our Philosophy Seaside Bar is located directly by the beach and this year more then ever, we give vent to socializing while enjoying. In order to achieving so, we created an environment comparable to none: one large table is spacious enough to host all those seeking a stimulating conversation! Spontaneous meetings of multicultural and - lingual individuals form the recipe for conversations of humorous, inspirational, or of lastly philosophic nature and who knows- after all every good friend has once been a stranger!
In order to accompany the process adequately, our bartender will not only shine through his verbal, but also through his manual skills, serving up delicious premium cocktails based on freshest fruits, a broad range of selected premium spirits and wines, juices, hot beverages and more. Throughout the day our petite carte offers delicious snacks and meals and we relish the chance on demonstrating live dessert creations after dinner upon request- spectacular for eyes and taste!
A home away from home: the ambience is undoubtedly more than appealing. Not only the view, but our selected music playing around you, paired with an excellent taste in furniture equipped with albums, books, wines and more, create in fact the cosiest living room.
Open daily from 9 am until 1 am.



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