One lone Table for Two, the night air filled with the tunes of a Grand Piano and the otherwise muted Beach illuminated by a myriad of candles with more rocking on the gentle waves adding hues of golden light onto the water’s black canvas in harmony with the stars sparkling on the night sky.

The Private Dinner at the Beach is beyond compare in sheer romance and always tailor-made to guarantee this evening to become the significant other‘s perfect once-in-a-lifetime date night.


Suite Service Dining

For Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or a Snack within the privacy of one’s Home, we recommend choosing from our extensive Suite Service Menu and Service available 24 Hours.



On our private 315m fine beach, natural beauty blends with unparalleled luxury. Our Beach Team is devoted to remedy hunger, thirst or a sweet craving, unpolished sunglasses, and suntanned skin in need of a cold towel. Our Beach Reception saves a trip to the Front Desk for activity- or dining arrangements whilst our Water Sports Station is at hand to provide a Sea Bob speed ride or free water sports gear.



Built deep into the side of the mountain for naturally cool temperatures, our 120m wine cellar charms with a mystical, old-world ambience. Within, we pride ourselves on treasure Greece`s grandest Wine collection, ranked amongst the Best in Europe: an astonishing 1700 new and vintage etiquettes, individually acquired over decades.