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In each of our three Restaurants, we fully embrace the individual signature cuisine with unlimited passion, creative innovation, and heightened consciousness on responsible product choice. All our renovated Restaurants are Open-air with a direct sea view over the Aegean Sea.



The Squirrel Gastronomic Restaurant

Our multiple award-winning Gourmet Restaurant “The Squirrel” features only 5 tables to guarantee an undisturbed dining- experience to the very peaks of French and Mediterranean tastes.  The marble-laid Restaurant is accentuated with pieces of original art, a water fountain and hand-selected furnishings under the majestic pine trees which are home to the curious dinner companion who lent us his name. “The Squirrel” is considered one of the principal culinary addresses in Greece and a Reservation for the exclusive venue is mandatory.

Unlike our other Restaurants, The Squirrel is not open to Children.


Andromeda Restaurant

The Fine- Dining venue “Andromeda Restaurant” is set on an iconic marble terrace and serves Mediterranean-accented, modern cuisine.  The a la carte restaurant continues to reinvent itself in creativity and variety offering diversely themed specials with culinary delights from around the Globe. The classic Greek marble design invites an elegant dining atmosphere under the pine trees or inside the open-plan dinner hall offering equally unparalleled sea views through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

In addition to the a la carte option, the Andromeda Restaurant is also our Half-Board venue offering a daily changing dinner menu.


The Anithos Restaurant

The “Anithos Restaurant” by the Beach offers a fusion of authentic Greek flavours, Fish & Seafood, and mouthwatering Barbecues. In this eatery, we cherish above all local produce and the Aegean’s freshest catch to explore the whole of Greece’s original tastes.  This a la carte restaurant welcomes with stylish, modern flair on the upper open-plan area in creams and whites blending with the wooden details or offers a more secluded seating on the lower terrace meters away from the sea.

The Anithos Restaurant is open for Lunch and Dinner hours.



Noble House

The Danai Beach Resort & Villas has crowned its Wine collection, the biggest in Greece with a new venue, The Noble House. The Noble House invites you to a tour and taste over 1.600 Etiquettes of hand-selected Wines spread over 1.500 square meters. This venue is the very first concept with a 130m long wine cellar, turned into a wine museum, and bottle museum offering guided tours by an expert Sommelier. It even includes a cheese “Living room” where visitors can admire the ripening produce, a wine sampling room, and finally a secluded sew view and vineyard view terrace. Within the complex underground construction of the Noble House, one finds also an event kitchen and outdoor seating for wine-pairing evenings with menus revolving around essentials such as a “Champagne menu” with a masterclass combined with food. Its unique architecture resembles local monasteries, large sandstone walls that are covered by ivy, and bougainvillea, combining all of nature’s gifts to bring them to the table or its setting.

Suite Service


Suite Service

For Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or a Snack within the privacy of one’s home, we recommend choosing from our extensive Suite Service Menu and Service available 24 Hours.