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Built deep into the side of the mountain for naturally cool temperatures, our 120m wine cellar charms with a mystical, old-world ambience. Within, we pride ourselves on treasure Greece`s grandest Wine collection, ranked amongst the Best in Europe: an astonishing 1700 new and vintage etiquettes, individually acquired over decades.

The multiple-awarded collection holds many of the world`s finest Reds, Whites and Rosés. For Champagne connoisseurs, a Heidsieck Monopole 1907 “Goût Américain” is only one of the top collectables featured in our exclusive Champagne family.  Each bottle contains a story, a history and an origin waiting to be uncorked by our expert Team of Sommeliers upon a guided tour, a tasting or a wine pairing over Lunch and Dinner Hours.

Bottles are available for purchase.



Any wine enthusiast will be overjoyed at the Resort’s mountain-cellar, holding one of Greece`s widest collections with more than 1700 labels.



In each of our three Restaurants, we fully embrace the individual signature cuisine with unlimited passion, creative innovation, and heightened consciousness on responsible product choice. All our renovated Restaurants are Open-air with a direct sea view over the Aegean Sea.