Danai Beach Resort occupies a private area of 40,000 m2 gifted with lush vegetation and an uninhibited view to the sea. On our garden grounds you have the opportunity to visit a Botanical Garden and a Tree & Flower Garden.

01Our Gardens


A “bouquet of aromas”, full of taste and healing properties, from nature to you. A collection of herbs such as: chamomile, mint, lavender, rosemary, basil, oregano, horseradish, echinacea, parsley, coriander, aloe vera, hibiscus. One of the reasons our dishes are so aromatic is the regular use of freshly cut herbs from our garden! You will find most of them at the Danai Beach Resort 5th Avenue street market!

02Our Gardens


The Resort is built in the woods. A unique landscape that combines a hilly side with a variety of conifers, a tamer surrounding of garden flowers and an open view to the sea -all under the rejuvenating Greek sun! We invite you to take a long walk and enjoy the aromas and unique colors of the numerous flowers blossoming around Danai Beach Resort.



An entrance into the mountain cellar´s blackness leads 130 meters in the underground towards a green space collonaded by hundreds of years old Pine trees, the panorama of the Aegean and evergreen vines behind floor-to-ceiling doors.

Our Cellar and Vineyard is an experience venue beyond being a winsome atrium to tasting- memories awaiting to be poured. From where natural light floods the cellar, one follows into the darkness to discover wine mastery, philosophy and Greek history which are sheltered within the stone walls.

Our Vineyard is a blooming soil to bestow our own harvest. Until then, the young vines of grapes sway in the pine-infused sea breeze, tables invite to remain while the bottles are not to sojourn.



You will frequently see ivy covered walls around the Resort. Ivy walls are considered to bring a building in peace with nature. You can read your favorite book in the shadow of a palm tree a symbol of peace and opportunity. In many cultures, palms also symbolize victory and fertility. Nowadays they are THE sign of the tropics and a trademark of exotic vacations!

Many of our guests are impressed by the Queen Magnolia tree standing in front of the Reception – especially when in bloom! Others admire our olive trees; some of them were planted here over 200 years ago.

The variety of trees in Danai’s gardens seems … endless. Conifers like the fir tree are symbols of springtime, fortitude and immortality. Orange trees symbolize innocence, eternal love, marriage and fruitfulness.

Willows symbolize motherhood and knowledge and are one of the first signs of spring. Cherry trees mean awakenings and rebirth; oaks, the mightiest of trees stand for strength and courage!