When choosing Danai for a Family- Holiday, Parents entrust us with the privilege to host the precious days of Family- bonding and to fill them with lasting Childhood- memories of Friendship, Learning, and Adventure. With unfailing enthusiastic affirmation by our qualified Kids Club Team, there is room to test artistic skills, guidance to discover the wonders of Nature, and inspiration to learn with and from one another. More than anything we revel in free creativity and the spark of joy it brings within a safe, stimulating, and organized environment.

At our Kids Club, we welcome Kids (and Teddy-Bears) to a little world of its own, where each child is free to move, dance, play, chatter, observe, giggle, and while following fun and educative program.

Additional Child- Services include:

Language Lessons

Painting Lessons

Swimming Lessons


Private Babysitting

Kids- Menus in the Restaurants

Kids` Beach Bags & Slippers

Kids` Toys and Fashion in our Shopping Outlets


Dear Families,

Since we are still in the course of the COVID-19 Pandemic, physical distancing rules remain. Therefore Kids over the age of 6 are welcome to follow the program of the supervised outdoor Kids Club, where safety and distance is a priority to the qualified Kids Club personnel.

We gladly provide private Nannies, utterly devoted to individual caretaking of your child/children of young age who still require indoor- and nap facilities and/ or are not (yet) capable of adhering to the physical distancing guidelines of the program.

Children until the age of 6 are welcome to visit the Kids Club with their parents, where toys and facilities are regularly disinfected and suitable for all ages or visit with the private Nanny as arranged with the Resort.

Please inquire on the value of

  • Private Babysitting
  • Private Daycare Nanny

Due to the forced limitations of our Childcare program and the resulting unavailable Crèche, we offer the Kids Club Program and Facilities FREE of charge until further notice for 2022.



The Resort features a fully equipped fitness gym as well as a Tennis court. Experienced personal trainers, Yoga & Pilates Instructors, tennis coaches and Kids’ swimming instructors are at hand upon demand.