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The Danai Resort flatters all the senses. The quality of service provided is an integral part of our restaurants’ popularity and success. We maintain three excellent eateries, each delivering finest cuisines while set in beautiful locations. In all of our restaurants, exquisite food and selected wines and drinks mix seamlessly for an unforgettable dining experience.
  • The Squirrel Gourmet Dining
Our multiple award-winning Gourmet Restaurant “The Squirrel” is considered one of the principle culinary addresses in Greece. Our Degustation menu offers a delicious blend of French and Mediterranean cuisine, served in multiple courses which may be paired with excellent wines from our very own wine cellar on site. The exclusivity and originality of the dishes is also shown in our vegetarian and vegan gourmet dining. The Squirrel features only few tables which guarantees absolute privacy while dining on the open air terrace, facing the sea.
Squirrel won the FNL Award 2016 as on of the best three restaurants in Greece. The wine list was awarded as the best in Greece!
  • Andromeda Restaurant
The open-air Andromeda Restaurant Sea serves Mediterranean-accented fare paired with modern cuisine and prepared with freshest local produce. An evening spent on our restaurant’s terrace surrounded by pine trees and with the unique view over the Aegean Sea, is a truly unforgettable dining experience. The a la carte restaurant is always keen to demonstrate creativity and variety offering several theme night specials, revolving all around the distinguished cuisines found around the Globus.
Andromeda won the FNL Award 2016 for the Best European Kitchen.
  • The Sea Horse Grill
Fusing authentic Greek flavors with freshest Fish and Seafood, or mouthwatering Barbecues, is the specialty of our Sea Horse Grill seaside Restaurant. A luxe meal combined with the warm atmosphere of this a la carte restaurant, makes the Sea Horse Grill the ideal dinner or lunch venue for an excursion into the local cuisine. The restaurant features a large outdoor seating area and a private terrace equipped with only few tables to add the extra bit of privacy when enjoying one’s meal directly by the beach.
  • Suite Service Dining
For all those who prefer to enjoy their breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack in the privacy of their suite or villa, we recommend to choose from our extensive Suite Service menu with 24 hour available Service.
  • Bachtses Greek Night
Held in our on site Garden Tavern, our adaptation to a traditional Bachtses Night is steeped with authentic Greek atmosphere revolving all around food, drinks, music and dance. Live cooking of multiple traditional dishes, paired with original beverages locally produced, make our Bachtses a truly authentic experience with rustic flair. Live music throughout the night invites you to join the traditional dances and introduces you to the Greek idea of celebration.


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