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The Road Trip

Sithonia is for those who wish to journey into the soul and tastes of Greek culture far from the madding crowds.

With a road map at hand, the Resort`s glamour vanishes in the rear window as small houses appear a mere 8 minutes’ drive from the Resort. Nikiti Village lies a stone’s throw away from the Resort. Neatly divided, Old and New Nikiti Village merges the 19th-century allure of Macedonian stone houses with coastal Tavernas, laid-back Beach Bars, and charming Souvenir shops. From the Old village rises the Church of Agios Nikitas like a fortress perched on the hilltop offering sovereign views over the preserved sand-colored alleys distantly blending with the colorful streets of the New Village. On the foot of the tower, here, on the former marketplace, a coffee bar and a rustic Taverna have moved into the tiny stone shops, lending the place an air of its former liveliness.

Leaving Nikiti, the dark green Sithonia Woodlands are in sight. 32% of all Greek Honey is traced back to the woodlands of Sithonia, where traditional beekeepers foster the buzzing residents of over 85.000 Kingdoms domiciled in countless wooden boxes winding in weaving lines through the natural habitat of steep Pinewoods. Guided by a local expert, one can ride through the picturesque, honey-perfumed aerial and get a peek into the sticky secrets the colorful boxes preserve.

Emerging the Forests and longing for a paved road one follows the directions to Neos Marmaras and may not know to have navigated right onto one of Greece ‘s most stunning Routes

The winding coastal roads to Neos Marmaras bear sheer endless spots for dreamy photographs and entrances to hidden bays. Just before the small city, the road turns left to the mysterious Parthenonas Village. Ascending the steep Mount Itamos towering Sithonia‘s olive groves one comes to a stop at the sudden curious silence lingering in the Parthenonas, the deserted Village of Sithonia. Where once the market traders shouted and the Church bells echoed through the village, the time has come to a standstill in the shadow cast by the abandoned stone houses which the villagers deserted decades ago. Emerging from the stillness, an uphill path leads to a refreshing, lively settlement with Folklore Museum, souvenir shops, and tavernas offering a priceless wrap-around outlook over the gulf.

From here, the former Fishing Village of Neos Marmaras is marked on the horizon and is worth to be visited after descending from the Mount. Trailing its long shopping road, no souvenir wish remains unfulfilled. After an inevitable trip through the stores, the only wish left in the end is to drop oneself into a chair of a local Fish tavern by the shore and wait for a well-deserved, freshly caught fillet. From the sky, screeching seagulls announce the return of the fishing boats. Immediately the many cats prick up their ears and quickly assemble for a harbor patrol from where the cats alongside the seagulls, and just like oneself really, impatiently crane their necks towards the soon-to-arrive meal.