Danai Beach Resort & Villas

Following the crumbs

It is late but the charming little Praline is sitting right there on the Bedside table, patiently waiting for the storybook to be shut. The childrens’ heavy eyes are finally beginning to close and night devours the storybook’s world of magic and mayhem. Its heroes with a sweet tooth give up tracing gingerbread houses, Alice’s mad Tea Party in Wonderland is over at last and Charlie’s tour of a fantastical Chocolate Factory has come to an end.
It is silent in the bedroom and the Storybook is softly being set aside. ‚Oh!‘, the Praline almost tumbled off the table but luckily, it is caught in the last instant.
This Praline tastes like salty sea air in the sails, fierce cocoa from wild jungles and in its core hides the taste of sweet poppies from a secret flower garden. It is the perfect ending to retire from the adventures of the day, a truly Happy End in every way. This Praline is the Patissiers‘ daily treat to bid our guests good night and sweet dreams but it is also the foretaste of new adventurous flavours to explore tomorrow.

There are new creations lurking about the Hotel, ready to surprise every day over, but a good Patissier, like a good storyteller, would never give away the ending.

Who is the mysterious creator of these sweet delights and unexpected twists? To find out one must simply follow the crumbs: Traces of freshly baked pastries, crusts of golden crisp bread, green sepals of chocolate-covered Strawberries. The wrappers of homemade chocolate inside the Mini Bar. The last drop wiped from the porcelain when no one was looking. All these treats seem to be chiseled off the sugary, chocolate sealed walls of a back office-Gingerbread house. Of course, the truth a bit more simple than that. In reality, our sweet treats are formed in our very own fantastical chocolate factory and the time has come to meet its Master.

Our treats come straight from our fantastic in-house chocolate factory and it's time to meet their master!


Spyros Pediaditakis:

“The first time I worked at Danai was in 2013 in 2015 I stayed for a whole season. From 2021 until today I am in charge of the sweet project of the hotel. During these first 2 years, we renewed all the desserts of the hotel and the pastry team and now we plan to create a unique bakery in the hotel. At Danai everyone gives attention to details. All people must be balanced, a smooth mixture basically, like in the Patisserie. The best Outcome is a simple equation: best Ingredients + great Techniques, sprinkled with a fantastic Team”.

Can we look forward to a new Danai Bakery in 2023?

Yes, we can look forward to it: to the smell of freshly baked goods in the air, “Factory Tours“ and more tasty twists in the holiday diaries. In the (happy) end we are all mad for sweets here and one should not forget that truly nothing is impossible in Wonderland.